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Postpartum Depression

Clinical Trials

 We have a research study available for women with Postpartum Depression (PPD). The purpose of this research study is to find better and safer medications that can reduce moderate to severe postpartum depression symptoms in women who have recently given birth.

The investigational medication will be provided at no cost and compensation is provided for time and travel. No health insurance is required to participate in any of our postpartum depression studies. 

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Participate in a POSTPARTUM Depression Research Study

Fill out the contact form below and one of our Recruitment Specialists will contact you within 48 hours with more study information.

You can also call us now at (714) 289-1100.

What is POSTPARTUM depression (PPd)?

For some women, the feelings of sadness or exhaustion run deeper and last longer than baby blues. About 10% of new mothers experience postpartum depression, which is a true clinical depression triggered by childbirth.

Postpartum depression usually begins 2 to 3 weeks after giving birth, but can start in the third trimester prior to giving birth or any time during the first few days, weeks, or months post-delivery.

A woman with postpartum depression may feel sad, tearful, despairing, discouraged, hopeless, worthless, or alone. She also may:

  • have trouble concentrating or completing routine tasks

  • lose her appetite or not feel interested in food

  • have obsessive thoughts, feelings of self-blame, guilt, shame, or worthlessness

  • feel indifferent to her baby or not feel attached or bonded

  • feel overwhelmed by her situation and feel that there is no hope of things getting better

  • feel like she is just going through the motions of her day without being able to feel happy, interested, pleased, or joyful about anything1

1 Accessed June 28, 2020.

Unsure if you have Postpartum Depression?

Call us at (714) 298-1100 for a free phone consultation.

Participation Eligibility

If you answer YES to all of the following questions then you may qualify for our postpartum depression clinical trials.

1. Are you a female between the ages of 18-45?

2. Have you given birth in the last 12 months?

3. Are you currently depressed?

4. Are you willing to take study medication?

Final eligibility is determined during a screening visit at our study site at Orange. During this visit, you will:

  • Meet with a professional physician, psychiatrist, and/or psychologists and be interviewed about your mental and physical health

  • Review additional information

  • Undergo a physical examination and have your vitals taken

If you qualify and decide to participate:

  • A study doctor will closely monitor you, your symptoms, and overall health

  • All study-related medical care and study medication will be provided at no cost

  • Transportation may be provided at no cost if you need assistance

  • You will sign an Informed Consent Form (ICF) which outlines which procedures you can expect during each visit

  • You will be compensated for each completed visit

*A list of common procedures involved when participating in a clinical trial can be found here.

Contact Us

We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8am - 5:30pm

Abigail C. Parera

Call (714) 289-1100 
Text (714) 559-3198

NRC Research Institute

1010 W. Chapman Ave. 
Orange, CA 92868

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