We are a Phase I-IV research facility established in 2004. We have conducted over 200 research protocols to date. Through a dedicated and experienced staff, we provide the utmost quality of care to all of our research participants.

Our research facility is a 10,000 square foot facility that contains the following:

  • 8 Interview rooms for rating assessments

  • 14 bed inpatient facility with entertainment room and kitchen

  • Neurocognition lab for neuropsychological assessment

  • Exam rooms with calibrated EKG/vitals equipment

  • Laboratory with a refrigerated centrifuge

  • -20 degree and -70 degree freezer for PK samples

  • Secondary lab dedicated for PK draws

  • Onsite infusions

  • Large waiting area for patients

  • Entertainment room for patients participating in long visits and overnight stays

  • Dedicated monitoring suite to accommodate up to 12 monitors

  • 800 square foot double-locked drug room

  • Crash cart on site


We also have capabilities to conduct short and long-term in-patient studies.

Our Research Facility